This was a game made in Dr. Chris Martens' POEM Lab at NCSU in order to make a game with Villanelle, an AI-based game engine made by Owais Iqbal. The version of Villanelle used is a typescript scripting tool to allow ease of behavior tree authoring in games.

Rime Royal is a game in which you fill in for your old friend the Guildmaster. You assign teams of two to missions that fit their skillsets. When you don't assign them to a mission, your guild members will decide based off of their own behavior trees which stat they decide to slightly increase while at the Guild Hall. The goal is to successfully complete as many missions as you can. 


Dr. Martens: Advisor

Owais Iqbal: Game engine creator and Programming assistance

Claire Christopher: Programmer, Game designer 

Rook Liu: Artist, Game designer

Everyone else in the lab: Helping Rook out of programming mishaps he created for himself 

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AuthorsRookLiu, noodlemangos
Tagsartificial-intelligence, Fantasy, Singleplayer, Text based

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