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leftover soup is a collaboration between Rook LiuBeckett RowanLeslie Zeng that's also a reflection on the difficulties of collaborating with other people. working together isn't always easy. you'll start, stop, and stumble along the way, and the final structure of the project will be a simulacrum of how you worked together. even when it doesn't turn out, your efforts are still beautiful for all the evidence of your relationship.

it went better for us than it did for Alex and Zach. Here's some accomplishments: 

  • we didn't lose any sleep. (kill the crunch culture in your head.)
  • we were messy and a little haphazard, and it all turned out fine.
  • we were forgiving of ourselves and each other.
  • we had a thousand more ideas than we had time to make, and each one was exciting and great.
  • we tried some funky processes and were unfraid of making something awful.
  • there were no casualities.
  • we laughed a lot.

and nothing else will matter in 10 years' time.



Unity, Fungus, and First Person Drifter


ProBuilder, PolyBrush, Everything Library


Tomb Raider, Minecraft

Cave Photos

We used a few public domain (and Creative Commons) cave photos.


Tomb Raider (and specifically this too), MinecraftAudience Clapping - Sound Effectfreesound.org:

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
AuthorsRookLiu, Bec, LeslieZeng
TagsWalking simulator


leftover soup_windows64.zip 61 MB
leftoversoup.zip 70 MB


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A draft-paper like game lol love this one

Give the Ghost Animals a Gun.
Give the Alligator a Gun.


Very interesting game, I had fun playing it! A very feel good type of game


good cave, would spelunk again!


incredible exploratory space that feels warm and playful but with real depth. (figurative and literal!) love the found narrative in the world :)